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From our Executive Director

If you are here, you are worried about an older loved one. We can help. The system is fragmented and changing at break-neck speeds. And everything is so darn complicated; even a computer search doesn’t narrow down all the bits and pieces to exactly what you need to know. (We are your App for that!) We are accurate and up to the minute. We are discerning and comprehensive. And best of all, we partner with you – we can support you as you care for your loved one – or we can pitch in and do parts for you. We know you’ll be glad you called. A single consultation is a gift to your elder’s life.

And a special thank you to our families who appreciate our services and honored us with your nomination for "Best of Rochester - Senior Citizen Counseling." We Won!
Warm Regards, Senior Life- Senior Citizen Counseling - Best of 2016 Rochester
Jennifer Meagher RN

What is Senior Life LLC?

We are Geriatric Care Management Nurses. We help seniors and their families with decisions and problem solving at home, assisted living, hospitals and nursing homes. We are able to perform assessments to determine whether your loved one is at his/her optimum level of wellness and what simple solutions would help. We help families with up-to-the-minute answers on where to turn, what to do, what it will cost, and what might be next. We are independent advocates; we do not answer to your insurance, health system or senior housing, etc. We represent your wishes and your best interest only. We are a non-commission, non-kickback company. We are not paid in any fashion for the referrals we provide: we are merely looking for the best of the best for you – it’s what we do.

Why our service is important to you

Adult children recognize their parents are aging and most families cross their fingers and hope for the best. We don’t recommend it; there isn’t time in a crisis for you to start learning all your options (and your mind isn’t thinking straight.) Time is a key ingredient; there just isn’t enough time for your physicians and hospital professionals to spend educating your every choice; generally, you are steered in one or two directions where there may be many more options. Everyone in a hospital should consult an advocate; you are asked to make hasty decisions that impact your most valuable family members. Before you make another decision, make sure you have all the facts. Stop, think, and consult with Senior Life LLC. We have a solid trustworthy reputation in our community.

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Your family and beloved elder appreciated Senior Life LLC services. But not all families can afford us. Why not honor your loved one and Senior Life LLC with a contribution to this wonderful fund? To sponsor a family call



2017 In loving memory of Robert Menendez, donated by his loving companion.

  This donation was used to help a gentleman who fell on bad luck after having head surgery for cancer which depleted his savings and left him with deficiencies. Senior Life LLC created an immediate housing and care plan as well as a long term plan.

2017: Annonymous. “You have done so much for our family, we want to help someone who needs you but can’t afford it.”

  This donation was used for a family consultation after one parent had passed away while the other was in the hospital. Senior Life LLC helped the family feel confident in the decisions made for and with the mother. Senior Life LLC recognizes the difficulty in making life decisions for parents in the best of times - let alone during the grief this family was experiencing.

2016: In loving memory of Mr. Darrell Roomey from “Skip”, “Nan-Nan,” and Joey

  This donation was used for a family in which the wife was frail and her husband was in a Rehab Unit. Senior Life LLC used this donation on a care plan meeting at the Rehab Unit with the team, Mr. and Mrs. Roomey, and their children. Loving decisions were made to make arrangements for Dad to return home, with home care and a rotating schedule of the family members spending the night. Back up aide service was arranged as well as a home-visit doctor.

2015: The loving son of Julie Freedland - Senior Life LLC cared for Julie for 10 years. When people ask her son how his mother lived to be in her 90's, he states: "Senior Life."

  Senior Life LLC used this donation for an 87 year old woman stranded in a hotel in Rochester during a blizzard. She needed groceries and advice on obtaining services here until she could return to her family. Senior Life LLC obtained her groceries, made arrangements for her prescriptions to be refilled at a local pharmacy, and called her family with an update. A family member arrived in Rochester to help her get back to Binghamton.

2014: The loving children of Graham Daniels - Senior Life LLC helped this family over the course of two years to transition through Memory Care Assisted Living to a nursing home to Leo's Center for Caring.

  This sponsorship helped two elders; one who had no family to call on and limited resources, and another who had a brain injury which left him mentally and physically compromised.

2014: Janet Tenreiro - Ms. Tenreiro attended a Rotary talk by Senior Life LLC and sponsored a family in need on the spot.

  This sponsorship helped one elder transition from a nursing home where he resided for 2 years, back to his home in the community

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2425 Clover Street Rochester NY 14618