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Senior Life Patient Review Instrument (PRI) and Screen

PRI AND SCREEN- Local and Long Distance Also known as PASRR 1

“PRI” stands for Patient Review Instrument
“PASRR” stands for Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review

PRI assessments are required as part of the nursing home application process. A Senior Life LLC Certified Assessor RN will perform interviews, an assessment and complete the multi-page PRI documents. The assessment results in a PRI SCORE which identifies the type and intensity of care to best match your loved one with nursing home services. Our PRI’s are well received by nursing homes.

  COST: $ 125.00/hour, plus one way travel fee ESTIMATED TIME: 1-2 hours (we try for the least time possible – we like satisfied clients.)

LONG DISTANCE PRI and SCREEN for transfer into NYS or New Jersey
  COST: $ 350.00

These PRI’s are a joint effort between the current care providers and the Senior Life LLC Team. All supportive documents are procured. These include:
  - Medication List/Allergic List
  - Diagnosis List
  - Face sheet or Personal Data Sheet (with insurance numbers on it)
  - Most recent Blood work
  - All imaging reports, if any
  - Any other test results / reports
  - All consultation reports
  - Doctor’s orders for the past 2 weeks
  - Nurse’s notes for the past 2 weeks
  - PT, OT, Speech sign-off notes
  - FAX: to the Senior Life LLC Office at 585-424- 2427 - (Max. 60 pages)

Once all documents received: Senior Life LLC Certified Assessor will make Appointment with the elder’s RN on staff to
complete the multi-page PRI/SCREEN Assessment. Once complete, we can fax, email or mail your completed assessment to
you or the community of your choice.

Locally Serving Upstate NY with Remote Services Available Throughout the USA
2425 Clover Street Rochester NY 14618