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Finding Your Way through Eldercare

If you are here, you are facing big decisions. We provide unbiased answers, advice, and advocacy. We know the rules, regulations and your rights. Let us take you from “hoping” you’re doing the right thing…to knowing you are.

If you like what you see here, contact us for consultation. We will meet over a cup of coffee, tea or water, and discuss your concerns. During this session we will learn about your situation and then make suggestions and referrals. Sometimes that’s all the help a family needs. If what you want isn't listed, just ask. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll tell you. Then we’ll refer you to someone who does! “Your best interest is our only interest. We are all about you . . . all about choice.”


Senior Life LLC offers on-site Geriatric Care Management services in Monroe and surrounding counties of upstate NY. Families may meet with us in our home office space or in the comfort of your own home, whichever you choose. We also offer tele-services anywhere. We use technology to provide our services anywhere in the continental USA and have counselled families as far away as Israel and Paris.

We are delighted to offer you the best services available.

We are recommended by NYS Department of Health for Long Distance PRI and SCREEN assessments for out of state elders relocating to a nursing home anywhere in NYS.

Decisions that come with aging... wer are your "App" for that!


Elder, Caregiver and Family

» Education, Guidance, and Advocacy. Our advocacy asserts the elder’s wishes and yours to untangle any difficulties.
» Mental health support / psychiatric nurse services
» We know our area; the services, programs and professionals.
» We know costs and strategies (see our ABOUT MONEY page)
» Decision support; it helps to have an unbiased professional at your side. Replace Guesswork with Confident Decisions
» Family mediation; we know families. We are a professional voice of reason.
» Problem and worry resolution: whatever it is, we’ve worked with it before and we know what to do.
» Fatigue, Stress and Respite Care: we make a difference.
» Priority setting: we will build an action plan.
» Plan ahead or crisis support in any situation.
» Long distance support (see below)
» We create a back-up plan for caregiver’s on vacation or to manage emergencies.
» Guardianship: we can put you in touch with lawyer specialists and we can act as an expert witness. Let us talk you through this very difficult situation.


» See Senior Life LLC before you see an attorney if you are considering asset protection. The elder population is growing in leaps and bounds as the baby boomers hit the scene. Private pay dollars are necessary to secure the best care options. We will help you determine what is changing in the senior care landscape and how much to set aside for elder care.
» What about if your funds are limited? We will talk that through and decide how to optimize your situation.

Long Distance Support

» Long distance family support: we are here. We assess, attend appointments and help in a crisis.
» Elder relocation to NY? We can apply our wealth of knowledge to assist in any planning.
» Long Distance PRI: we have the experience you need in getting the NYS required PRI assessment done for elders moving anywhere in New York State.
» Elder relocation from our area to another location. We know this process too.

Level of Care

» Level of Care Assessments: this will explain the exact level of care and care options.
» Health, Memory and Mobility assessments.
» Life planning: we are quite accurate in our projections of what is ahead, what will be needed and the associated costs. (See our ABOUT MONEY pages.)
» Couples who are at different levels of care: we will explain all your options.
» Crisis change: If desired, we will support you through hospital stays and discharge decisions. We get a lot done in 24 – 48 hours.

Staying Home

» Home safety assessments and practical recommendations.
» Home care service planning: there are many options.
» Emergency planning.
» Driving and transportation needs.
» Medication management.
» Doctor communication, appointment coordination and attendance.

Benefits, Insurance, and Paperwork

» Veterans Benefits
» Prescription Insurance
» Long Term Care Insurance
» Medicare / Health Insurance
» Medicaid and Elder Law Attorney Referrals

Assisted Living, Memory Care, Enhanced Assisted Living: No Two Communities are the Same

» Before you make this all-important choice, please see us. There are many different service styles in our area. Let us tell you the insider scoop.
» Assisted Living is “non-medical” – let us make sure you know what that means. .
» We know NYS regulation about admission and discharge criteria.
» Assisted Living is expensive. It can drain your accounts. Let’s talk about how to stretch your dollars in our eldercare system.
» We will explain the difference between a “continuum of care” and “stand-alone” assisted living.


» We encourage our clients, old and new, to call us if the elder goes into the hospital. We can predict whether s/he will be admitted, or on observation status, and for how long.
» Hospital stays are short. Hospitals are backed up with patients waiting to get in. Discharge decisions come to you with anywhere from a couple hours of notice to 1 day notice. Senior Life LLC will have you prepared well before hand
» We provide priority service to all our active clients in the face of a crisis.
» We provide emergency room support. If you need 24/7 attendance, we will guide you to hire trusted services.
» Dissatisfied with your hospital care? We will hold a care conference at the hospital and work that through.
» Faced with decisions about rehab or nursing home selection as a discharge plan? We’ve got the information you need.

Nursing Homes and Rehab

» Does your loved one really “need” a nursing home? Is there another option? We have the answers you need.
» We know the nursing homes in our area: their service style and their quality ratings. We will help you find Quality Nursing Homes if you have low funds or Medicaid
» We know how to find the better nursing homes anywhere in the USA through connection with professional insiders, interviews and rating systems.
» We are certified as PRI and SCREEN Assessors. This assessment and form completion is a mandatory tool to determine if the elder meets the criteria for admission and helps the nursing home make their admitting decision. This means the PRI and SCREEN is very important. It must be done accurately. In addition, Senior Life LLC completes a PRI and SCREEN Plus Summary which is very well received by nursing homes and gets best results.
» The transition: we will help with strategies to make the move a positive one for your beloved elder and you.

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