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Senior Life Promises


We are in this together

"We are in this Together"

We promise...
  1. To complete a SERVICE AGREEMENT with you which reflects the services you request and to work efficiently and diligently on them.
  2. To complete a BILLING AGREEMENT with you which reflects the billing expectation for your services.
  3. To communicate clearly and in a timely fashion on the progress of services.
  4. To get you the optimum results possible in your situation.

We can’t promise...
  1. To “make” your loved one choose a decision s/he is refusing. We will discuss this with you in our initial consultation. If your loved one is fully stubborn and listens to no one, s/he will not listen to us either. If this is the case, we will work with you on alternatives and build a crisis plan to provide you peace of mind regarding what to do “if” a crisis occurs. If, on the other hand, your loved one is resistive, but not stubborn, we are good at what we do. Let’s talk.
  2. To “make” another service perform excellence. Again, we are good at what we do, and we generally get results. If we don’t get results, then that particular service is not for your loved one and we will discuss grievance steps and service alternatives.
  3. To “make” family get along. If there is worry of abuse, neglect, or theft, we will help you inform authorities and work through the process. If the family will respond to a professional third party mediator (Senior Life LLC ) we get positive results.

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2425 Clover Street Rochester NY 14618