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Jennifer Meagher

Jennifer Meagher

Direct Cell: 585-729-4056


Executive Director and Geriatric Care Management Nurse
Certified PRI and SCREEN Assessor

Member: Founder and President of Better Business Partners Serving Seniors
GRAPE (Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly)
Alzheimer Advocacy Committee
ANA (American Nurses Association)
NCPC (National Care Planning Council)
NEWS 10; “Dear Jennifer” Letters and Educational Articles


At 18 years old, I had my own apartment, purchased a car myself - an old Ford Falcon station wagon (it was a bit dilapidated, but I loved that car) and I put myself through nursing school.

I worked 21 years at Genesee Hospital in Rochester NY, serving as a nurse’s aide in orthopedics, a secretary in the coronary care unit, a staff nurse in dialysis, and a year later the nurse manager of dialysis. I worked as nurse manager for 11 years until I needed major surgery and decided to go part time to raise my children. I did a year in ambulatory surgery, and transferred to the mental health unit for 6 years. I left Genesee Hospital shortly before it started closing. I still miss “my” hospital.

My major surgery was a matter of having my hips replaced. I know first-hand what joint replacement is like, something many seniors experience as well. During this time, my own mother developed Alzheimer’s dementia. She and I struggled with her declines and changes for 12 years in a nursing home. Families and seniors appreciate that I know what it’s like to be the family of an Alzheimer’s victim.

My next employment was 9 years as an instructor for adults wishing to become home health aides. The bulk of their training pertained to working with seniors and it gave me a great insider’s look at home care. Sadly, this department was closed in favor of one central training area.

When one door closes I find another to open. It was at this time I decided to go into Geriatric Care Management. I felt that my many varied experiences prepared me for this position. And now I’ve worked since 1997 as a Geriatric Care Manager. I love making a difference. I love my job, but most of all, I am grateful for, and respect, my families and seniors.

I look forward to meeting you!


Christine Bovenzi

Christine Bovenzi

Office: 585-424-2424
Fax: 585-424-2427

Position/Role: Executive Office Manager/Assistant
Member: GRAPE (Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly)

In 2009, I was actively looking to re-enter the workforce after 6 years of working as a stay at home mother. I was anxious to get back to work, but also wanted the ability to remain involved in the lives of my children. I came to Senior Life because I needed a part time job with flexibility. I responded to a listing from Senior Life on Craigslist for a bookkeeper.

My prior professional experience was in the same capacity that Senior Life LLC was requiring. I worked as a Financial Analyst at Xerox for 8 years, and have since been doing the financials for my husband's business. My passion for the job goes back much further than my time at Xerox. My father is a business owner and I have fond memories of sitting with him learning all about keeping books. As a child, he would hand me the money and I would make the deposit slips and balance the checkbook.

Once I began the interview process, I was immediately impressed with everything Senior Life LLC stands for. The first thing that struck me was Jennifer’s sincerity and the fact that she wants to put others needs in front of her self. The whole team is like that. Jennifer and the Senior Life LLC team made me feel right at home and appreciated. Senior Life LLC is my home away from home.

Stop in and say hello.


Sue Allen

Sue Allen

Direct Cell: 585-727-8400

Position/Role: Geriatric Care Management Nurse
Certified PRI and SCREEN Assessor
Member: GRAPE (Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly)

I have raised 3 boys and I love to relax by the water. I also love being a nurse. I attended Robert Wesleyan College for my BSN, after initially obtaining my RN license from Monroe Community College. My nursing career began in 1989 at Strong Memorial Hospital. Afterward, I had 18 fabulous years as at The Jewish Home of Rochester, working in various capacities. I decided to be involved in home care after having cared for both of my parents at home at the end of their lives. That experience provided the priceless opportunity to work with hospice as well as other community health agencies and their respective nurses. I spent 13 years in the community representing and working with our community resources for long term care. In addition to Senior Life LLC, I am Home Care Coordinator at Unity Hospital. In this role, I am the go-between for patients (and their families) transitioning from hospital to home. I am excited with my decision to join Senior Life, LLC. I look forward to making the most of my experience to assist those individuals (and their families) who wish to maintain their independence with the best possible support.


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