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Senior Life Rememberance Sponsorship


There are elders who cannot afford our services. There are elders who have lived longer than their money. These elders would benefit from a consultation or similarly priced service to get them started in the right direction and aware of service options within their budget. Senior Life must review applicant’s financials to verify need.

We hold a special place in our hearts for our oldest citizens, and particularly the Great Generation who carried this country through major wars, the Great Depression, the civil rights movement and into the 21st century. We feel this population, particularly the veterans, should have red carpet treatment.

If you would like to pay tribute to the Great Generation, consider donating to this fund. We will list your donation here on our website in memory of your loved one. We will also send you a letter acknowledging how your donation was used. Of course we cannot provide any information which identifies the individual, but you will understand the type of service we provided in your loved one’s name. NOTE WELL: All donations are from the heart – and cannot be used as tax write offs.

Donations have been used to get elders out of long term stays in nursing homes and back into the community and to help elders who have no family to assist them. Your donation makes a beautiful difference. If you donate, so does Senior Life LLC. We provide pro-bono time (no charge) to the client in addition to your generous donation. Any amount is welcome. Thank you for considering this option.

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2425 Clover Street Rochester NY 14618